WOPR (named after the computer from War Games)

This is one of my own “playground” type projects that allows me to test out different technologies. It is a Joomla admin component that is able to connect to external databases when needed, and helps me manage affiliate accounts I have, the ability to tweet and share products with their shortened URL’s directly to Twitter etc using their respective APIs, share and utilise news links that are scraped daily using Python scripts that are run from cron jobs at set times.

I was commissioned to create an interactive touch screen information portal for Antrim Borough Council. The touchscreen kiosk was located in the old Court House in Antrim, and then in Antrim Gardens Visitors centre. I used an Apache and PHP stack to build the interface, Javascript and Flash to manage the popups and video files, and CSS3 styling to keep with the 1970's vibe of Enkalon and their products. The touchscreen kiosk was later updated with another project called "The Battle of Antrim".