WOPR (named after the computer from War Games)

This is one of my own “playground” type projects that allows me to test out different technologies. It is a Joomla admin component that is able to connect to external databases when needed, and helps me manage affiliate accounts I have, the ability to tweet and share products with their shortened URL’s directly to Twitter etc using their respective APIs, share and utilise news links that are scraped daily using Python scripts that are run from cron jobs at set times.

This is part of my own research and the technologies I create in this, help form a library of resources I can reuse in other projects.

Includes automation to connect to affiliate network CSV datafeeds and import them to a MySQL table via CRON job, and then process the products for use on various sites and social media campaigns.

This is all based around OOP PHP scripts, MySQL queries, cron jobs and Python scripts.