PerformanceView - Sport NI

This project was described to me as being a “self-assessment” system for the Governing Bodies funded by Sport NI to rate themselves based on the achievements of their athletes and to allow them to provide supporting evidence in the format of PDF, Excel or Word files etc. Once submitted, Sport NI were notified and could either approve or reject their assessment. If they rejected it, they gave reasons and tasks that needed to be completed in order for them to achieve their desired rating. The idea was that Sport NI could then see globally all of the Governing Bodies data in a colour coded matrix from the administration area, and visually see the performance between each sport over a four year period.

Joomla was used to create this application. It consisted of a backend component that allowed for CRUD of the Governing Bodies, Coaches, Athletes etc. The front end allowed for each Governing Body to log in and complete their self assessments. The Governing Body could only see the data associated with their own account. Sport NI could see all the global data collected from the admin area.

This program ran from 2013 to 2017.